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How to Have a Happy When You Present

Monday, August 10, 2009  at 11:23 AM
Use notes when you present, but use them correctly. A PowerHouse Presenting workshop participant recently asked me if it was okay to use notes. “Absolutely,” I replied. “Have a happy.”

Here are three tips for using notes:

One: Carry your notes with you to the podium.
If you are using cards, place those cards in one hand inconspicuously. If using sheets, place them in a folder with pockets and carry the folder.

Two: Do not hold notes when you speak. When possible place them on a small table or on the podium.

Three: When you have finished one thought and need to check your notes for your next thought, finish that thought with confidence, pause, look at your notes and find the next point; then reestablish eye contact with a member of the audience, and begin speaking. Take all the time you need to read your notes. Don’t be afraid of the silence. Pauses can be quite powerful.

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