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Getting the Butterflies to Fly in Formation When You Speak

Thursday, September 3, 2009  at 8:59 AM
Do you panic when you have to present or speak in public? A few weeks ago, I worked with a young man who was petrified to speak to a large group. For most of us, our fear of public speaking is caused by a fear of exposure. See if this sounds like you before you speak:

“I am totally exposed. What I say or don’t say, and how I say it, will be used against me. I am afraid to show people who I really am because they may not like what they see, and it’s all I have.”

Here are five tips to help you manage your fear of public speaking:

1. Get a new attitude. All communication is a one-to-one conversation.

2. Most people want us to succeed.

3. Breathe!

4. Face your fears. Just do it.

5. Know your subject and practice!


Elizabeth Bridgers said...

Dear Randy

This is so true. I remember a tip given to me when I was a very young executive getting ready to present to a large bunch of very imposing businessmen. She reminded me that I was being asked to speak and present because I was the expert. That was a huge moment for me - I AM the expert when I'm in front of a crowd. That doesn't mean I have to be pompous but there is a reason I've been asked to speak and it's that the audience WANTS to hear my perspective or knowledge on a given subject. That little light bulb going off took the fear out of public speaking/presenting for me.

Randy Siegel said...

Great thought, Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing!